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Superior Linen Service is an Australian owned and operated company. Providing linen hire and rental services for Sydney, we offer “good old fashioned service”. Most of all, we are responsive to our customers’ needs and go out of our way to make a difference to your business. We believe in honesty and transparency, so our service agreements are straightforward with no catches or hidden charges. The Owner of Superior Linen Service works within the company and retains the determination to be at the “coal face” to ensure he understands the problems faced by our staff and customers alike. So, if you are searching for linen hire Sydney, then look no further.

Quality Linen Hire


Make sure your business looks and feels professional with clean, fresh linen. We do not cut corners and only supply product of the highest quality. Our strict quality control ensures that only the best linen is delivered to your business. Furthermore, our quality guarantee means that if you are not happy we will replace your products at no additional charge.

Linen Hire Value


In today’s competitive market, value has never been more important. We offer genuine value for money by taking the time to truly understand your business. We then provide only what you require and adapt quickly if those needs change. So save some of that most precious resource “time” and let us take care of your linen requirements while you get on with running your business.



“Good Old Fashioned Service” is the credo we live by. Service is the third word in our name however it is our first priority as a company. For linen hire in Sydney, we go out of our way to provide the best possible service to our customers. We are flexible, reliable and honest. So, you can rest assured the phone will always be answered and you will never ever feel like just a number.

Line Hire Services

Superior Linen Service provides convenient
and economical solutions for maintaining
your linen rental requirements.

Your staff represent your business.  Make
sure they look and feel professional with
our top of the range uniforms

Prolong the life of your flooring and keep
your venue clean and tidy with a mat
from Superior Linen Service.


Our Founder

Mark McKane has spent over twenty years in the textile rental industry from production to service and sales. As a result, he has come to realise there are specific expectations, requirements and concerns customers have when employing a linen rental service.


Superior Linen Service was created by Mark as a company dedicated to the delivery of a new standard of service and product not seen before. With a genuine determination to deliver an uncompromising and unrivaled level of service to all our customers.

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Mark spent 12 years in the British Army, this developed a strong sense of procedure, commitment, loyalty and integrity. And it is these values that he brings to the linen hire industry in Sydney.

In 1988 mark came to Australia.  After a stint as a life guard in a car wash, he realised there was not going to be a future in this career path. He moved on and fell into the linen rental industry, starting as a serviceman at Enhance Systems. He quickly got promoted to Training Manager applying the principal – the harder and smarter you work the luckier you get.

Enhance systems was sold to an international company and mark was moved into a sales role. Recognising his expectations were not being met and believing in a service philosophy he resigned. Taking up a production role and later a service role within the same company, he excelled within each of the roles, recognising listening rather than simply hearing customers and staff allowed the business to focus on its strengths and weaknesses and develop both.

Mark moved from the textile rental industry and spent some time in retail equipment, primarily shopping trolleys and their ability to do whatever they wanted, trying to overcome the trolley mentality, Mark spent some time in China negotiating (badly) with manufacturers and putting quality control systems into place and monitoring progress. Trolleys eventually got the better of him and after some Psychiatric help he is a lot better.

Once back in Australia working within food processing, healthcare and hospitality allowed mark to see problems faced by each of the sectors. Realising systems are important as is process but more important are people.

As Mark said “Companies supplying the hospitality sector have lost their way, focusing on internal systems and balance sheets before looking at what is important – The Customer”


Mark Started his own business realising there were only a number of things he had to get right, they all revolve around the same principles. And these principles are the credo of the business.


  • Commitment
  • Ownership
  • Loyalty to the customer
  • Live by your word
  • Honesty


In other words: CARE.

Superior Linen Service Founder

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