Superior Linen Service - Restaurant Mat Hire Sydney
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Mat Rental Sydney

Renting a mat from Superior Linen Service means we take away dirt and dust, prolonging the life of your flooring. Superior Linen Service ensure mats continue to capture dirt, dust and water and keep your business clean week after week. We pick up your mats and replace them with clean mats every week. You pay no upfront cost when you use our mat service; simply rent from us and we’ll do the rest. Superior Linen Service’s comprehensive collection of mats are designed to meet the demands of busy public, hospitality and industrial environments.


Types of Mats We Offer:

  • Dirt and dust control mats
  • Anti-fatigue mats
  • Kitchen rubber mats
  • Individual company logo mats

Dirt and Dust control mats


Dirt and Dust control mats are an easy way to maintain a clean and safe workplace. Mats capture 80% of the dust, dirt and water that is tracked into buildings on shoes, and offer protection against the elements like rain. Floor mats keep your premises clean, reduces the wear and tear on your carpets and floors, minimises the need to replace carpet and reduces maintenance costs leaving your customers with a good first impression. They also improve safety by reducing the risk of slipping on wet floors and tripping on uneven surfaces.


Our Dirt and Dust Control Mats:

  • Capture 80% of the dust, dirt and water
  • Reduce the wear and tear on your carpets and floors
  • Protect against slips and falls
dirt and dust mats

Anti-Fatigue Mats


Anti-fatigue safety mats are specifically designed to provide a comfortable and safe working area for people required to work on hard, wet or slippery surfaces for extended periods of time.


Anti-fatigue mats are engineered to make the body naturally and unconsciously sway, which encourages subtle movement by calf and leg muscles. These subtle movements on the matting promote circulation, keeps blood flowing and assist’s in limiting stagnation in the veins, resulting in workers feeling less fatigued.


Businesses can minimise their exposure to workplace accidents, increase employee safety and productivity by installing anti-fatigue mats.


Our Anti-Fatigue Mats:

  • Designed to be comfortable and minimise fatigue
  • Textured for grip and safety
  • Beveled edges for safety
anti fatigue mats

Wet Area Mats


Kitchens can pose hazards. Wet Area mats are designed to solve these problems. Made from nitrol rubber these mats are designed to provide the greatest protection against slippery and dangerous wet surfaces. Liquids pass through the mat, providing a constantly firm, stable surface. Added to that, a cushioned design minimises employee injuries and fatigue on the job. your people will always have firm ground to work on. And with a textured grip, the chances of accidents and injuries are further minimised – even in the presence of oils, solvents, dirt or water.


Our Wet Area Mats:

  • Highly resistant to oils, solvents and water
  • Reduce pressure and strains with a cushioned design
  • Textured material for added grip
  • Permeable to allow scraps and liquids to pass through
wet area mats

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