Superior Linen Service - Guide to Sydney Restaurants
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The Superior Guide to Sydney Restaurants – Part 1

As we have established in previous posts, it is our strong belief at Superior Linen Service that table linen plays a large part in forming the image restaurants portray to customers. It has a way of defining the expectations of diners, and it is a simple detail that surprisingly few venues get right. Of course other factors are important but the initial impact of linen cannot be overstated.

We also realise that not everyone is as excited by table linen as us. So, because I’m a nice guy and because I genuinely love the Sydney restaurant scene, and have an intimate knowledge of it, I have compiled a handy list of restaurants that you should make a point of visiting. Again, I know you aren’t all linen nuts like me, so I can guarantee you this is NOT just a list of venues with exceptional linen, rather it is a list of restaurants with amazing food, atmosphere, service, and attention to detail (and great table linen 😉 )

As an aside, at Superior Linen Service we always suggest trialing different colours and materials to complement and enhance the restaurant’s image and ambiance. The following are some stand out restaurants in Sydney that have combined all these perfectly – but it didn’t happen overnight. We cooperated with these venues to make certain their linen was adding to the experience, and the results speak for themselves.

So, read on, and Bon Appetit!


Visit the Longrain website 


Longrain has been in the same location for eighteen years, so they must be doing something right – and they certainly are. It is still the best Thai infused restaurant we know of. The Napkins are white and crisp, enhancing the sophistication of the restaurant. Longrain has developed an image of bringing the restaurant back to basics and developing a look that focuses on their guests, the food, wine, and service. It has worked for eighteen years and the same formula is working today.

Service is impeccable, the staff are friendly yet efficient. You know the service is good when the restaurant is full, yet the staff make you feel like you are the only one there.

The restaurant is made up of three sections, each completely different in their offerings. One open and spacious allowing for an intimate night. The second a large table covering the whole of one side of the restaurant allowing for groups or shared plates. And a third being a separate area for private functions, but still open enough that you feel part of the restaurant.

The team of Griff and Jinn as chefs ensure the food is refined, delicate and yet plentiful – there are many fine dining restaurants you walk away from feeling peckish as the servings are too small. Not the case here.

The menu is extensive enough without getting too cumbersome and everything is exquisite. We tried desperately to fault this restaurant but couldn’t.


DO have the caramelised Pork Hock

DO NOT have the Banana Fritters – if you do, every Banana fritter from that point on will be a letdown.

Nour Sydney

Visit the Nour website

nour restaurant

A stunning restaurant, the most sophisticated Lebanese food you could imagine, open and airy, light and enthusiastic. This is a fantastic restaurant which has got everything right. And their Napkins  are specific to this restaurant, falling in line with the owners’ request.  They have aimed for the casual diner, but there is nothing ordinary in this restaurant – focusing on the ambiance and delivery of Ibby and Ella’s vision.

Service is casual yet professional and efficient. Nothing was missed, and our waitress was friendly and knowledgeable. The restaurant manager seemed to be everywhere (like a scene from Faulty Towers asking if everything was to our liking), a sign of a passionate person. At Superior Linen Service we respect these types of people. If you hadn’t noticed, service is kind of “our thing”.

Menu was prepared by Roy and Ran, and was superb. The whole experience an absolute delight.  Again, I would love to find fault, maybe the sommelier was too enthusiastic with the wine, but it was exceptionally good wine.


DO expect to be treated as some one special, because they make you feel that way.

DO NOT  expect hummus to be just hummus. At Nour it takes you in a different direction. You have to try it.  And the  chargrilled eggplant is also a must.

Bistrot Gavroche

Visit the Bistrot Gavroche website

bistrot gavroch

Been to Paris? Go to Bistrot Gavroche to relive that experience again! A Sydney restaurant to use as a benchmark for atmosphere and character. Exquisitely outfitted and presented, the venue seamlessly integrates wooden table tops and beautifully designed table linen. The custom table cloths are small to ensure they are just covering the table to emphasise the napkins specially made for the restaurant.

Service is what the perfect service should be, understated yet personable and efficient. Don’t be surprised if the owner Lionel meets you at the door (he is the only person I have ever seen make red trousers look good). He is the consummate Frenchman, and has an ability to make you feel like you are the only person there.

Once seated, Bryan the Sommelier takes control and yet again it is a perfect and authentically French experience. He suggests several wines but do not bother to make a decision – just tell Bryan to make the call – You will not regret it.

The Food is based on the classic French restaurant menu. However, the chef puts her personal touches into the classic dishes and the results are pure genius. Each bite is full of beautiful flavour and surprises.  If you walk away from here feeling peckish I would be amazed. the Food is a delight, staff cheerful and observant. The whole experience is fantastic.


DO let Bryan chose your wine, give him some direction but leave him to it.

DO NOT  have the Pate – I could not get enough and now every pate is a very poor second.


Sydney’s restaurant scene is incredibly dynamic and exciting and at Superior Linen Service we are thrilled to be a part of it. So get out there and visit some of these venues – you really won’t regret it. And while you’re there, promise me you’ll check out the table linen would you?

Stay tuned for part 2!


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